Zucchini blossoms

Ok, if you haven’t tried this dish so far, you are missing a lot. But it is not too late, as now is the time that zucchini blossoms.

This is the story of our first encounter with the dish. During our anniversary trip to Florence several years ago, we had a rare opportunity to try traditional Italian dishes. One night ve upon the recommendation of our B&B hosts, we visited a nearby trattoria. On the menu we saw zucchini blossoms, imagine our surprise – are they flowers??? We decided to order them so at least we can try them if nothing else. To our uttermost surprise, they were one of the most delicious entree dishes we have tasted so far. The blossoms were crunchy on the outside, stuffed with soft and melted mozzarella on the inside. We have found our favorite appetizer.

Now back to reality, zucchini blossoms are very rare to be found on the green markets in Skopje. Luckily, some of our neighbors have planted zucchini and were very kind to give me the flowers.

Since then, I have made this dish several times, each time more delicious than the last. Here I share my recipe with you. 

Bon Appetit