From Hard, to Art.

I know, many times, preparing the meals for your family, or just for yourself, it can be a difficult task, having in mind that you need to spend some time in preparations, wondering whether you have all the ingredients, whether you know all the recipes… and, above all, having to come up with new ideas every single day. Every single day. Few times a day. It may not be easy, yet it doesn’t have to be hard.

When you change your perspective, and find joy, pleasure and satisfaction in what you prepare as a meal – then, it may turn to art.

I am Kate

Welcome to my warm home. My name is Kate, and I love to turn ordinary things into art.

Have you found yourself in a situation of being clueless about today’s meal? Have you questioned yourself about the ingredients needed to prepare the perfect meal for any occasion?

That is the reason I created this site, to share my passion for cooking, daily experiences and give you ideas for any meal of the day. I love to see, hear, smell and feel the beauty in everything around me.

If you want to up-level your life, join me on this journey.


From Hard, to Art.

Even if you don’t have many of the ingredients, think about those that you do have. Here, you will find ideas and recipes on how to make art from what you have at home. And how to serve it with an artistic heart so it can be pleasure for all the senses. For those of you that want to dive deeper in this artistic endeavor for living with pleasure, there are recipes for which you could do some grocery shopping… Which ever way you look at it, I invite you to – enjoy it. 

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