Carbonara recipe

The first time I heard of carbonara’s ingredients, I was not thrilled. Somehow, the combination of raw eggs and egg yolks combined with pecorino cheese and bacon did not sound delicious. That was until we visited Rome for our children’s birthdays. Following the tour guide’s instructions, we crossed the Tiber River to visit the famous and charming Trastevere neighborhood with its narrow streets, ancient houses, and traditional trattorias.

We chose the trattoria that had colorful tablecloths and small flowers on their tables. The waiter suggested that besides the traditional pizza, we should try their most famous Roman dish, The Carbonara.

Ok, let’s give it a try, I said to myself, we have ordered other dishes as well if I don’t like it. But I didn’t expect the surprise, the carbonara came served in a copper pan, and it was one of the most delicious pasta dishes I have ever tasted.  The combination of ingredients was perfectly balanced to create the food synergy.  

Typically, after getting back home, I would order the carbonara almost everywhere, but nothing could come close to the Roman one. I started to search for the perfect recipe, making my own trials as well. To be honest several times, I ended up with scrambled egg pasta, but I was not giving up.  Mastering the perfect recipe is not always easy. It takes several trials. But HERE is how I have accomplished mine.

Bon Appetit